Logistics software for omnichannel distribution

Gain visibility, competitiveness and improve the efficiency of your operations.

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Let your operations adap to every situation fácilmente


Automate and optimize to save time and fuel


Connect hour company systems easily via API


Learn from the past to improve future operations

Last mile

Make sure the most critical task in distribution is under control

Proof of
delivery (POD)

Be transparent and keep record of every delivery


Have control on every task to trigger new actions


Maintain customers informed at all times


Get real-time information on the status of each shipment.

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Manage all your transportation providers in the same control panel.

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Loyalty to your customers informing at all times the status of your shipments.

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Manage shipments and all carriers from a single tool facilitating the growth of your business.

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Gain efficiency by measuring the satisfaction of your customers and the profitability of your transport.

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Consumer brands

Earn profitability by making your routes faster and easier with all transport providers.

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Gain loyalty from your customers by offering visibility and optimized routes according to all the needs in delivery.

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Get information about everything that is happening in your shipments and manage routes, carriers and shipments in real time.

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Frequent questions

Yes, you can use tapnex as a management tool for all your shipments. We have different options so you can have visibility of everything that happens with your shipments.

No. All Tapnex tools are in the cloud. In this way we can offer updates and new features continuously

Yes. We have an api to be able to integrate any operating system with our tools.

In Tapnex you can have as many users as necessary. Forget about limited users, in Tapnex if you want it the whole company can have users

In tapnex our policy is pay per use: both you use so much you pay. We invoice you for the number of shipments you manage or for the number of devices connected to the platform, which suits you best

Yes. Tapnex is a customizable tool. You only connect to what you need. If it's just the app, you decide!.

Yes. You can know the location of the drivers as long as they have activated this functionality on their devices

Yes. Tell us which vehicles you want to manage and adapt the configuration to your needs.

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